We at Guided IEP Solutions will provide you with an explanation of the process of Special Education. We will help you understand your child’s testing, IEP and any other documents pertaining to your child. We will provide direction and support to your family as you navigate the process of Special Education.


  • Review of records
  • Draft letters requesting documents
  • Providing consultation and support
  • Assist in preparation for IEP meetings
  • Act as liaison between parents and school district
  • Provide guidance through procedural navigation
  • Attend IEP and 504 meetings
  • Draft formal letters to address issues with schools


Whether you’re new to the world of special education, or you’ve been stumbling your way through for a while; we can help. Through empathy, explanation and empowerment we will help put you and your child on the path to success.

We offer a sliding scale, rates provided upon consultation.



Disclaimer: Guided IEP Solutions services are non-legal and do not constitute legal advice or legal services. If we/you at any time believe you need legal services we will provide you with referrals of Special Education Attorneys and/or organizations that provide legal representation.